4th Solidarity Check In

4th Solidarity Check In

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Espai Barcelona is part of APARTUR – Association of touristic apartments in Barcelona, which represents the apartments sector since 2004. His will is to professionalize this type of business giving voice to apartment touristic companies and being the representative between administrations and business, avoiding the unqualified practice and improving service quality.

APARTUR is part of several initiatives. One of them is Sustainable tourism, which we will talk soon on the blog. Apart from this, the association promotes its own initiatives. In 2013 they started the Solidarity check-in campaign in association with the Casal dels Infants.

The Solidarity check-in campaign consists on rise 1 euro for every check-in done. This year is the 4th Solidarity Check in  and runs from 1st of June to 15th of September. It is the 3rd time that we participate on the campaign, and we are looking forward to continue doing it. The amount collected is allocated to the social project called “Vincles”, bonds in English. This project helps mothers with children aged 0 to 3 years who are at risk of exclusion.

Solidarity check in certificate

Solidarity Check in Certificate

In Spain, one of every four Spanish children lives in poverty. Casal dels Infants have been more than 30 years helping more than 6000 children and their families who are at a risk situation. With the money raised with the campaign, Casal dels Infants will continue its work in the areas of education and specialized aid required for each family.

Each year the amount collected has been rising since the participating companies are more. In 2014 there were only 17 companies and the raised money was 7838€. In 2015 the number of companies was 40 and the raised money was 16171, more than the double of 2014.

Let’s hope the amount raised this year is even higher and we can help more families at risk. In addition to participating in the euro check-in, you can also make a donation to the Casal dels infants through this link.


From Espai Barcelona we welcome these proposals and we are open to participate in other initiatives of the same type. With these small gestures we can help many children and their families to live a little bit better.

Natalia Aguilera

Comunity manager and blog writer at Espai Barcelona. I was born in Barcelona, and I love this city. I enjoy showing to the new visitors my favorite places. I never get tired of Barcelona!

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