Barcelona by bicycle

Barcelona by bicycle

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When you arrive to a city like Barcelona you have to think about how to move through the city. Barcelona is a great city to move around by bicycle. There is a municipal service of bicycles called Bicing and there are also lots of stores where you can buy or rent for few days. Discover Barcelona by bicycle is the best thing you can do.

girl in a bicycle. Barcelona by bicycle

Once you have your bike, either rented or owned you will be able to start moving through the city. We know lots of people that told us they started to truly know Barcelona when they left the metro tunnels and started to move with bike.

Barcelona Bike Lane

Barcelona has a lot of kilometers of bike lanes for you to enjoy at your leisure. There are also many areas where cars have a restriction to not exceed 30km/ph where bikes are a very good alternative transport.

Furthermore, Barcelona has no steep slopes, there are not slopes upper than 2% on the touristic and central zones, so it becomes quite easy to get around by bike around the city.  You just have to keep in mind that if you go to the sea there will be a small descent and if you go to the mountain there will be a smaller rise. However, if you move horizontally the way to go is always flat. Only in uptown neighborhoods of the city such as Pedralbes and Carmel there are more steep slopes. For example, we recommend you to not go to Park Güell by bike, because it’s very steep.

Barcelona bike lane. Barcelona by bicycle

Besides, you can transport your bike for free on the metro on certain wagons and schedules.  The schedule for carrying bikes on the subway is from 5 to 7am, from 9.30 to 17pm and from 20.30 till closing time on weekdays. On Saturday, Sundays and holidays you can transport your bike all day long. So, in conclusion, you can go with your bike on the subway all day long, except during the rush hours which are when everyone is going to or leaving work. It seems logical given the saturation of users out there at that time.

The Bicing option

First we want to make a small clarification because this is a problem that we have had on several occasions in Espai Barcelona. To receive the Bicing card you have to make arrangements that last several days until the card arrives to your home, so if you are on holiday for a few days it’s not a good option. It is more a service for residents on the city. Your only option in this case would be to rent a bike in one of the many shops you can find around the city.

Bicing station in Barcelona.Barcelona by bicycle

If you live in Barcelona you should know that to obtain the Bicing Card you have to fill a form on Bicing website and then pay the annual fee that is 47,16€ (2016). Once done that you will receive your card at home and then you will have to activate it on the website.

Bicing works every day. Monday through Thursday the service stops from 2.00am to 5.00am and on Friday it stops from 3.00 to 5.00. On weekends and holidays it works 24h. Currently there are stations throughout the city and gradually there are more and more due to the success that has this form of travel.

As a summary, whether you live in Barcelona or you are just passing by, it is a great way of transport to discover the city. From Espai Barcelona we encourage you to use the bike. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any doubt!

We leave a small video where you can see a few kilometers of bike lane…

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