Barcelona Olympic Games

Barcelona Olympic Games

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The 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were a big turning point in contemporary Barcelona. The Olympic Games changed the city completely, many parts of Barcelona were built or renewed on this year, such as Villa Olimpica or the Barcelona Airport.

Barcelona and its people

The Olympic dream began with the designation of Barcelona as the city to host the XXV Olympiad back in 1986, deafeating great candidates like Paris or Amsterdam. One of the keys to achieving this victory was both institutional and social support the city received. Even before the city was choose in Lausanne in 1986, Barcelona had more than 60.000people signed up to volunteer during the games. It was not the dream of a few politicians but of a whole excited citizenship.

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And we achieved the dream. Barcelona ’92 served to introduce the Catalan capital as a modern and open city to the world, showing it on the map as one of the keys cities of Europe. The opening ceremony was followed by more than two billion television viewers. It was a very different show, comparing to the games before Barcelona. The Olympic candle was lit by a flaming arrow shot (lit by the flame of the Olympic torch) by our Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo. Other big act was when the song ‘Barcelona’ by Montserrat Caballé and the late Freddie Mercury was played.

Spain and the Barcelona Olympic Games

The Barcelona Olympic Games will remain in the memory of all Spaniards. Besides the experience of hosting the games we won our largest number of medals; 13 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze. The impact of the games was beyond the medals and the ceremony; it changed the city and its people.


There were 4 areas in the city that hosted the Olympic activities: Montjuïc, Parque de Mar, Diagonal and Vall d’Hebron. The main area was the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, where the opening and the closing ceremonies were held.

These Olympic games were considered the best modern Olympics so far. Besides for its great organization, this was lead by the best American basketball team called ‘dream team’ and the return of the unified Germany.

We recommend you to go to Montjuïc Mountain to see all the instalations done for the Olympics. There you will also find the Olympic museum.

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Comunity manager and blog writer at Espai Barcelona. I was born in Barcelona, and I love this city. I enjoy showing to the new visitors my favorite places. I never get tired of Barcelona!

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