Barcelona transport

Barcelona transport

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One of the most useful things for people coming to our city is to know about the Barcelona transport and how to get to the city. Today we are going to talk about the different ways to arrive to the city. Tourists usually come to Barcelona in three different ways. In their own car, on boat and on plane. We are going to focus on the last two.

Arrive to Barcelona by boat

The Barcelona Harbor is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean sea, with nine passanger terminals, seven of those for cuises and four for ferries. Big cruises dock 1.2km southwest. Many of them offer connections to points near southern end of Las Ramblas.

Barcelona Harbor

You can arrive to Barcelona by boat from Balearic Islands, Rome, Genoa, Livorno, Sardinia, Tangiers and Algiers. From Rome (Civitavecchia), the boat is usually cheaper than arriving by bus. If you arrive by boat you have the great advantage that the ship docks at the city center.

Arriving to Barcelona by plane

Barcelona has a large airport in which many large companies operate. If you get to Barcelona by plane remember that you will have to take a transport to arrive to the city. There are several ways to travel from the airport to the city.

The Aerobus

The Aerobus is a service shuttle bus that connects the airport (both terminals) with the center of Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya). The Aerobus leaves these bus stops every 5-10 minutes (A1), and every 10-20 minutes (A2) every day of the year.

The A1 line takes you from/to Terminal 1, and the A2 line takes you from/to Terminal 2. The bus service is available every day from 5.30amto 1 pm and the trip takes 30 minutes (It may take more time in the rush hours). From the airport makes 4 stops; the first one is in Plaça España, second is in Gran Via – Urgell, the third one is at Plaça Universitat and the last one is in Plaça Catalunya.

barcelona airport

From Plaça Catalunya to the airport, the bus makes three stops; Sepúlveda – Urgell, Plaça espanaya and the Airport. A single ticket to/from any terminal costs €5.90, or you can buy a return ticket from €10.20 which has to be used within 9 days. You can pay by credit card or cash.

Aerobus stops working after 1am, but you can take a night bus service called Nitbus (line N17 to T1 or N16 to T2, 22.00 to 05.00 every 20 minutes) The journey from Plaça Catalunya takes about 40 to 50 minutes.

The beloved bus 46

The cheapest option, but slower than the Aerobus, is the bus 46 that reaches Terminals 1 and 2. Its first and last stop is in Plaça España and the journey takes about 40 minutes. The tickets costs €2 and can be purchased at the driver. But the cheapest is to buy a T-10 travelcard at the machine located in the train (Terminal 2) or in the metro machines.

Barcelona bus

The T-10 travelcard has the advantage that you can make a free change to metro, bus or tram. Between 23.00 to 6.00 there is no bus 46 service, but that is replaced by the buses N16 and N17; these take a detour adding about ten minutes to a journey that endis in Plaça Espanya as well.

El tren

A cheap and quick option is the train line Renfe R2 that take 30 minutes to arrive to/from the airport and stops in Sants (18 minutes), Passeig de Gràcia (24 minutes), El Clot-Aragó (30 minutes) and other stations beyond the limits of the city. The train arrives to Terminal 2 (B Section) and there is a free green shuttle bus that takes you to T1 (15 minutes).

Barcelona train, transport

The airport train station has disabled facilities: escalators, elevator and others. A single ticket for the train is €4.10, but you can also use a T-10 travelcard (€ 9.95 for 10 trips). You can buy a T-10 ticket at the vending machine at the airport station (Terminal 2).

The metro

The new metro line L9 started in February 2016. There are two sections, the North and the south. The section that arrives to the airport is the L9 South and arrives to both terminals.  The station at the Terminal 1 is located on the Level 0, close to the buses. The station at Terminal 2 is located near the train station, outside the terminal. The journey takes about 32 minutes to arrive to Zona Univeristària and the frequency is of 7 minutes.

Barcelona logo, transport

While on this line you can do some changes to other lines of metro or to other type of transport. The more useful are the three metro transfers to the most used lines. You can stop in Torrassa and change to the red line L1. If you stop in Zona Universitària you can make a change to the green line L3. These two changes can be very useful if you are staying in one of our apartments or at the city center. If you stop at Collblanc you can change to the blue line L5. This last change is very convenient if you are staying in the Camp Nou apartment because is located 5 minutes from Badal stop  which is the blue line L5.

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