Sitges 2014, International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Sitges 2014, International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Sep 19, 2014Congress and events 0

When autumn kicks in, it’s time for the most well-known Film Festival in Catalonia: Sitges; which celebrates its 47th edition this year. Such important names in the cinema industry as Quentin Tarantino, Wim Wenders, Guillermo del Toro and Park Chan-Wook have walked the Sitges Auditorium’s red carpet.

If you’re in Barcelona between the 3rd and 12th October and you’re a cinema fan, take a day trip to Sitges and get to know the city at its best whilst watching the most interesting Fantastic Films.

Each year, the festival pays homage to a classic fantastic film. However, this year is generally dedicated to dreams, or should we say nightmares? Antonio Banderas is also going to make an appearance this year as he will be awarded the Honorific Great Prize and will present his latest film: Autómata.

Apart from this one, Sitges offers its assistents a whole lot of Feature Films that will make terror fans’ mouth water.


Sitges 2014 films

As usual, Sitges divides its films in categories. Apart from the Official Competition section where we’ll see films such as Over Your Dead Body by Takashi MiikeA Girl Walks Alone at Night by Ana Lily Amirpour and Rélaité by Quentin Dupieux; there is the Panorama section, where you’ll be able to see the best Fantastic Films being made around the world; a special section where we can find Kevin Smith’s new film, the last of the REC saga’s films and even David Cronenberg and Jean-Luc Goddard’s latets works. There’s even an animated sections for cartoon fans!

David Cronenberg's new movie: Map to the Stars

Like every year, you’ll be able to watch the best of Asian films, get through three-film themed marathons or watch alternative italian films which inspired Quentin Tarantino for free at the Brigadoon section.The opening ceremony will screen the last of the REC Saga for the first time in public!

To check out all the films and timetables check the official website.

Sitges Zombie Walk 2014

The Sitges Zombie Walk is already a classic of the Film Festival. The streets of Sitges fill with zombie brides, zombie politicians or just regular zombies in incredibly detailed make up and costumes. This year, the Zombie Walk takes place on the 4th October, when professional make-up artists will be changing anyone’s faces into a zombie. Jaume Balagueró, director of the REC saga will be the person in charge to present and let the Sitges Zombie Walk begin.

Sitges 2014 festival tickets

There are various prices depending on the section. You’ll be able to purchase your tickets from the 23rd September here:

6€: Sitges Classics Sessions

7€: Anima’t Curts Sessions (animated short films)

11€: Marathons, Double Programme (excluding exeptions)

13€: Opening and Closing ceremony.

14€: Marathons on the 12th October.

4,50€:  Masterclasses and Earlybird sessions (sessions at 8.30h)

How to get to Sitges

The best way to get to Sitges is by public transport, as there aren’t many free parking spaces during the festival. These are the ways to get to Sitges:

By bus: Catch the Monbus at Ronda Universitat 33 

By train: At Sants station get line 2 of Rodalies Renfe in direction Sant Vicenç de Calders. (Bear in mind the last train from Sitges is at 1.30h at night)

By car:  The easiest way is to get the c-32 toll road and get off at exits 31 or 32.